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Work hard

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The game of life!!!

How to play the game of life.
By Hannah Smith

Image result for the game of lifeThe game of life is a game that can help you with your life skills. It is great for families and friends to play all together. The game is recommended for ages 8+. (This means that you should be at least 8 years old to play the game)

To play the game of life you have to have a banker and there’s carers, houses and money you have to hand out  (Not real money) .It’s really helpful because if you’re the banker you have to learn how to hand out the right amount of money (That means you can know the right amount of money when you're alder and have a great  job) .To play the game of life go to College or Start Your Career. To start The Game of Life, choose a pink or blue( boy-blue and girl-pink) peg to represent yourself and a car to travel around the board. On your first spin, decide if you want to go to college or start your career right away. For the career path someone has to move to get to your first payday with your little can and girl or boy peg.

You and the banker has to be honest because they can give you more money and that’s cheating because that’s not fear for the other player. When you go alone the board you can get married and you can get babies ( Not in real life).

In the game of life there are lots of little people and cars so if you buy the of life don’t let anyone under 7 years old get it because they can eat the pieces and that’s really bad for them.

So there’s my reasons why you should go and buy the game of life and remember don't let anyone under 7 year and under get the small pieces! Now go have fun with your family and friends!

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