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Work hard

Sunday, 13 March 2016

How to order a lunch order

    How to order a lunch at                       Reremoana school

At reremoana school we have a lunch order system you can order yummy hot food on cold days and hot days.  
A lunch order place is good for if your mum forgot to buy lunch for you.
The lunch order place is there if you need it it's nice to go buy a juice after fitness. You can get pies,water,juice,noodles,pizzas and many more things. Most of the food is unhealthy though but the food is delicious. There is a lunch order menu if you want to find out more about the food.

You need to bring money in a envelop with what you would like to purchase in writing on the front of the envelop then put your money in the yellow boxes then wait till lunch then your order comes then you sit and enjoy your order and play with your friends with a full stomach!

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