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Work hard

Friday, 4 March 2016

How to order Lunch at Reremoana School                               

What is a Lunch Order? While it’s a easier, cheaper way of having food at school. Parents like your’s might not have enough time to make it, But the money they earn could go to a nice warm lunch. At Reremoana there's all types of food you could chose from.

If you are new at Reremoana school ask anyone and Just plop it down in the yellow box. Someone in your class will take it. (So don’t worry if you don’t know when to take it).

Where do you have to take it? Because it doesn’t drop out of the sky. So one person will take the yellow box filled with lunch orders and will walk straight past the office and go to the hall where the student will  see a big window that's open. Just slide it in. BAM! And just wait until lunch time.

How to make a lunch order. Making a Lunch order is easy. These two ways people can make it. One of them is the mini plastic bag or Making it by hand. Which a lot of people do. The first step to making the lunch order is.
1. Make sure that you have enough money to afford your lunch order

2. Grab paper to cover the money up and fold it up until your sure the money is secure in the paper.
3. after that put some tape on, and write what you what for lunch.

You can order almost anything at Reremoana school, Lunch order system. Ordering is amazing and delicious. There's lots of Available Menus to chose from. All of them are nice and warm.

These also a lot of healthy food to chose, So it's all right if there no fruit at home, but there is at Reremoana.

These lots of food to chose from like, chicken nugget rolls, Mince pies, mac n cheese and many more.

Remember that ordering means hot, yummy food, it’s a great way of feeding yourself at school. Now that you know How to do it, go and enjoy it.          

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