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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to order lunch at Reremoana
school !

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If you are new at Reremoana school a lunch order is when you purchase a lunch at school rather packing your own lunch if you woke up to late. A lunch order is nice to have warm rather than a cold lunch.  

If you want to order a lunch order at Reremoana school you have to get an envelope and write your name, class and what you want for your lunch. There is a menu you can choose from and what it costs next to it. You have to put the money in the in and they can give you change if you have too much money in it. You have to put the envelope in the lunch order box and someone who’s in your class will take your lunch order over so it can get made.

When you have a lunch order there is lots of healthy options and if you don’t want healthy options you can go to Reremoana school tuck-shop. At morning tea you can go to the tuck-shop and get a juice or a brownie and it’s really cheap and cheaper than going to the supermarket and buy their lunch.

So there you have it two easy steps how to order an lunch order at Reremoana school, and remember you can have a nice warm lunch order.

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