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Thursday, 10 March 2016

How an Oven Works!
An oven is a Thermally heated box that you cook baking or you put food in it to cook them. The first ever oven was the 1735 Castrol stove (aka stew stove) invented by French architect François Cuvilliés.

An oven can be used for many things such as Roasting, baking, grilling and toasting. Ovens can bake or cook many things some people use ovens to bake their cupcakes in or roast their chicken and some times people use it just for heating up meals. An oven can be found mainly in the kitchen but some people have outdoor pizza oven which you put a pizza on a wooden board and then you insert the pizza into the fire and let the pizza cook.

There are several dials on the top of the oven which you turn and the oven turns on. One of these dials turn on the heat so when you turn it the oven becomes hot. One of the other dials are to choose the setting of which you choose to cook with. With this dial you choose whether you want to roast, grill, bake or sometimes toast.
There are many different types of ovens. One of the types of ovens is called a earth oven. An earth oven is a pit dug into the ground and then heated, usually by rocks. Another type of oven is called microwave oven. A microwave oven is a small portable box like shape oven that you can just plug into a power source or into the wall. Most people take microwave oven when they go camping.

An oven can be used in many ways any can be in many different shapes and sizes.
By Tayla.

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