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Work hard

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How on order a lunch order at Reremoana School

How to order a meal at Reremoana                        School.

At Reremoana there is a programme where if you bring money to school then you can order something cold or hot depending what you fancys for that day. And if you forget to bring your lunch then you can order a nice warm lunch.

If you wanted to get a lunch order for school, then you would have to write on the envelope what you wanted to buy. Than after that you would put your money into the envelope, and when you get to school you would put your lunch order in the yellow box. When you have put the lunch order in the yellow box then at 9.00 o’clock a monetary will come around and take your order to the lunch order room.

If you are a vega terenin then you can still order a nice lunch order,  On the menu there is a lot of options there is hot food,cold food,little snack and drinks. If you forgot to put your money in an envelope and put in the yellow box then at lunch you can go up to the lunch order ladie and order something hot or cold there. If you just like eating health food like salads and salad sandwiches, then you can order nice sandwiches and salads with really nice meat with the salads.

Now that you know that you can order a nice warm or cold meal, why don’t you go to the lunch order ladie and order a nice warm meal. Remember you can get a nice meal for under 5 dollars.

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