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Work hard

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How does my chromebook enhance my learning?

How a Chromebook impacts your learning.

What is a chromebook? how do this chromebook help with my learning.
If you have a chromebook then there is so much more thing that can help your learning.

If you want to buy a chromebook I think that your money will be spent well. If you have a Chromebook then are heap of cool and fun learning site Such as Mathletics,Prototec and Quizlet Etc. This Sites are for maths, writing and reading. Other the years the chromebook as impacted so many children's learning. If you do a test, then if you do it online then when you are finish you can go back to your results and see where you wrong so the next time you do the test then you can do really well.

If have a chromebook then you will know then you can do a lot of amazing thing with your chromebook such as, you can use an online dictionary, you can having an online calculator, and if you are stuck on an really hard word you don’t know then can just spell check it. When you are doing your homework if you are stuck then you can just email your teacher and ask your teacher what the question is or just ask for the answer. And if you are online the teachers can just look at your work at any time.

Know that you know that the chromebook can do such much for your learning why don’t you go down to Noel Leeming or JB hi-Fi and buy A nice new and shiny new chromebook.

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