Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 10 March 2016

How does My Chromebook enhance my learning

Using Chromebooks is really easy. By using them you will understand how they work. Students can learn so much about maths, reading and writing by having a Chromebook.
It might be expensive but it’s worth it, because the amount of education that goes to us, the students is a lot.  We use Chromebooks all the time, for learning mainly. Reremoana School gives students the opportunity to bring Chromebooks for learning purpose only.Image result for money in nz

On the chromebook there’s learning sites. They are suitable for all ages. The sites that we use is great, we have fun , plus learn at the same time. We learn more on sites than on books and paper. Because it gives students information that they can understand or Image result for learning sites

Image result for SkillsWe, the students need to develop more. By doing this we will go on our Chromebooks to educate ourselves without teacher or parent help. With Chromebooks we can go on sites that challenge our skills to do better. This can lead to good jobs and healthy future. More students will be at a higher level, just because of this Chromebook.

What Reremoana wants is Higher standard from Students. This can happen by our own Chromebooks. We can get a higher standard by practicing and doing online learning at home or school. Because we owed these Chromebooks you can take the learning everywhere you go.
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Image result for teacher in nzTeachers can keep better contact on Chromebooks than books. Because they have a special app that can make sure students don’t play around on it. This we make children do more work plus finishing homework on time.

Chromebooks are great to use. More education and students get to develop. It expensive but worth it because there's lots of learning sites. Plus more higher standard. Know that you know go and buy one.    



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