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Work hard

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How does my chromebook enhance my learning?
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What is a chromebook? a chromebook is a laptop that you can use at school if the schools allow it. A chromebook helps you with all your learning sights.

If you don’t know where to get a chromebook you can get it from JB high five and dick smith but that’s just some of the places. If you get a chromebook at Reremoana school you need to sign a treaty that you wouldn’t go on any inappropriate sites and only use it for school work only.
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For your Chromebook you will need to have a gmail account and password.

I know chromebooks are expensive buts it’s all worth it because the chromebooks helps you with your learning a lot like Reading, writing and maths, for maths there is a sight it’s called mathetics and there is an athour sight call quizlet  it makes you fun at the same time as well.

So there’s my reasons that if you move to Reremoana school you should get a chromebook.

Thank you google Images for the images :)

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