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Sunday, 6 March 2016

What Is A Kite?

A kite is an object consisting of a light frame with thin material stretched over it.It flies in the wind at the end of a long line.
It can be made of lots of materials and it's used for fun or for work.They were sometimes used for experiments as well.

Kites are normally made of one or more sticks to which paper or fabric is attached. Classic kites were made of bamboo or other strong but flexible wood for the spars and used paper or light fabrics such as silk for the sails. Modern kites use artificial materials such as nylon for the sails, fibre glass for the spars and plastic for the kite lines.

A kite is made up of three parts, the body,the line and the bridal.The bridal attaches the line to the body. To make it work the bridle should be attached in at least two places.To make a traditional diamond kite you can use a paper or a plastic bag. Cut the plastic bag into a diamond shape, tie two sticks together making sure that you line them up with your plastic or paper first.Tie the sticks to each corner of the diamond. Tie a string to the right and left hand sight of the horizontal stick.Tie your flying line to the piece of string you can also add small strips of material to the end of the kite as a tail and even some on the sides if you want.

A kite flies when wind pressure is being pushed along the main part of the kite.This pushes the kite up into the sky if the wind is removed the kite will fall.If the bridal is in the wrong place or the spar are not strong enough the kite may flap or dip in the wind.

The longest kite in the world is 3394 foot long.The fastest recorded speed of a kite is 193km per hour.The longest time a kite has been flying is 180 hours.Kite flying was banned in china during the cultural revolution.If you were found flying a kite you could get sent to jail and your kite destroyed.For years kites have been used in wars,target practise,signalling,dropping letters and for just having fun.

Fly a kite because it is fun it is easy to get started you can do it with friends and it is not that expensive.

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