Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 10 March 2016

A chromebook is laptop a laptop you can take to school and do all your school work on.
At Reremoana school mostly everyone has a chromebook, I know it might be a bit expensive but it is worth buying one. On our chromebooks we do a lot of work on them like reading,writing and homework  and a lot more. Chromebooks are helpful for when you do tests on, instead of using the class computer you can use your own chromebook

Chromebooks can be helpful for researching if your whole class is doing some quiz things and you need to research something but you only have two class computers that's why you should buy a chromebook.

If you do a lot of mistakes in your books and then your writing is all messy  because you have been crossing out a lot of words, on a chromebook you can just  click the delete button and your writing won’t be messing. To get a chromebook you can go to jb hi fi, dick smith and noel leeming

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  1. I like how you exsplane the details that you say on why we should have a Chromebook.