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Thursday, 18 February 2016

How to play cricket

How to play cricket
Cricket is a common sport played by many people. You might think it's easy hit the ball with a stick, there's more to it and i'm going to show you how.

Image result for cricketImage result for cricket
You are going to need these things-
a team (11 people), bat x2, cricket or tennis ball, two wickets.

Now the positions,there are 4 different position, each of them have different jobs.
I’ll start with batting there are two batters on the field at once, each of the batters have one bat. There are wickets about 20 meters apart. each batsman has to protect it by deflecting the ball from the wicket, while deflecting you have to run to your wicket and so does your partner. bowler- the bowler has a special part where he or she bowls the ball to the batsman trying to get it passed the batsman and make it touch the wicket, If it touches the wicket the batsman is out.
Fielders are the people that stand on the outside that catch the ball and throw it back to the wicket keeper that catches bad bowls and makes the touch when the batsman is away from the wicket.Image result for cricket

There are other rules like if the bowler bowls too far to either side it's called a wide and the batsman does not have to hit the ball, also if the batsman hits the ball in the air and if anyone catches it the batsman is out

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