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Work hard

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to play: Cricket

Image result for cricketHow to play: Cricket

Cricket is a world known sport. It’s a sophisticated game that needs skill and brains. You might watch it on T.v and think, ‘Oh, anyone can throw a ball and hit it’. But the nature of holding the ball and bowling it is harder than it seems, as well as batting. You hold it differently than any normal sport.
Cricket is meant to be fun, so if it isn’t then you must be playing it wrong. If you keep to these rules you shall have a fun and healthy game of cricket.
* Always throw an under arm if you’re close to the wicky keeper,
* If you’re bowling don’t throw the ball, bowl it!
* Don’t throw the bat at ANY point in the game,
* Always play fairly even if the other team isn’t.

OK, so now you know the rules, here’s how to actually ‘Play’ the game.
* Always try to get the middle wicket,
* At any point in the game you should always be ready to run.
* Never not be ready,  
*Always be ready to catch the ball.
*Just have fun!
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How to play when fielding:
* Always be ready to get the ball if someone drops it,
* Go for the ball whenever you can.
* Always watch the game and stay awake.

So, cricket is a game for every shape and size, just the throwing technique is sorta hard. Just don’t expect to do everything by yourself, because there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’.

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