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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How Cricket Works

  How Cricket works

Cricket is a game and sport that can use many skills, Eg: Strength, speed ,accuracy and many more. It includes lots of teamwork to win one of the matches. Cricket is a ball/ bat game that includes only 11 fielders and two batsmen. Each team takes a turn at batting. Each batsmen have to stand at each  wicket to play. There will be only nine fielders. The other two would be a bowler or a wicket keeper. The batsmen have to run across the other side to score one run. Each fielder has to be in a right position to catch the ball and to roll it back to the keeper or the bowler they can get the batsmen out.

cricket you have to grab all the equipment, such as…
  1. Cricket bat
  2. Cricket ball
  3. Cricket pads

After the team has gotten all the equipment together they practice until the game is nearly starting, Then your coach will tell you the plans that should happen on the fields or on the cricket get ready to play!! If you're team is fielding that means your team will start walking to there places or Your team might bat so your team will have to help you to get ready to bat. You have to put the pads on your legs and an helmet on your head… Oh don’t forget the gloves . Cricket gloves are not ordinarily they help your hands not to get bruise on them. Because hard ball in cricket is really like a red rock coming at you at hundred of miles.    

Time for Cricket  rules for people that have never played before. First one is.
1.Cricket rules is that if a batsman hits a ball twice other than for the purpose of protecting his wicket he is out.
2.Don’t bowl it wide or its one run for the other team
3. If the batsmen step out of there crease then the bowler is allowed to get them out
4.When you're batting or standing on the other wicket don’t knock over the wicket, because that means you're out and the next batting will come on.
Don’t forget them!

Playing cricket is the next step of cricket . We meet the other team and do game game a moe and whoever wins  gets to pick if they want to field first or bat first. Then we start playing the game. The will be a bowler and a wicket keeper from the same team and the batters will stand at  Summary
I believe Cricket is an awesome sport and good to play with family. You don’t need all the equipment . All you need is people a ball, two bats and wickets. You will enjoy cricket.

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