Work hard

Work hard

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Oktapodi part 2

Here is a link of part one of oktapodi

Octavia shoots herself of the power line so she can get the segal the segal who stole her boyfriend octo-bob, Octavia flies into the segal and drops octo-bob into the water, once they get into the water there's a instant relief as they need water to breath, the seagull flies into the water and get both of the octopuses out and then the truck driver grabs the segal and squeezes his head until his head splats everywhere and then the octopus and the truck driver swam away together and grew a strong friendship. a few months later a great white shark swoops in and takes the truck driver  then Octavia and octobop shoots straight down to the shark and tries to get the truck driver 
By Lily: The end.

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