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Thursday, 18 February 2016


Identifying statement .  

Cricket is a summertime  game played by two teams with eleven players on each side.
The objective of the game is to score more runs than the opposition . To do this players need to be able to bat, bowl and run.

When a team is in batting they field two batsman at once.  Both batters support each other and this is known as a partnership.  One batter will stand at the strike end, this is the end that the bowler bowls to.   The other batter will stand at the non-strike end, which is where the bowler bowls from.
The batter has to hit the ball  into the outfield so that they and their partner have enough time to run between the wickets scoring runs, before the  fielding team can get the ball back to the wickets to stop play or to knock off the bales on the stumps.  
To earn a run both batsmen have to touch the ground in front of the wickets.
More than one run can be earnt from one hit.  
The further the batter can hit the ball, and the faster  they can run  between the wickets determines the amount of runs they can score.  
If a batter hits the ball and it rolls all the way to the boundary rope, they automatically earn 4 runs.  If the batter hits the ball in the air and the ball goes over the boundary without touching the ground they earn 6 runs.  
The batter’s role is to earn as many runs as possible before they get caught or bowled out.

There are 3 different types of bowling actions a bowler can use, 1.  A spin bowler, here the bowler uses the seam of the ball to their advantage to make the ball spin. This action makes it more difficult for the batter to hit.  2.   A medium paced bowler, here the bowler bowls the ball at the speed of between 60-80 miles per hour, to  assigned places so that when the batter hits the ball an outfielder has a chance to catch him out.  3. A  fast bowler, here the bowler is able to bowl the ball  at 80+ miles per hour. The bowler relies on their speed and accuracy to beat the batter so that the ball can  hit the wicket making the batter out.  
The main  priority of a bowler is to  restrict the number of runs that the batting side can get.

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The fielding team has 11 players on the field. One is the bowler, another is the wicket keeper, and the final 9 are outfielders.
Players are positioned around the inner and outfield by the captain who works with the bowler of areas likely to see the ball if it is hit.

Players can move to different places on the field except when the bowler is in the process of bowling the ball to the batsman.
There are different names for  certain places on the field some used more commonly than others, like square leg.
The fielders  main job is to catch the ball or to get it back to the wicket keeper to stop the other team’s run rate.
Summary statement

Cricket is a game of two teams with eleven players each.
requiring players to bat, bowl and run to earn runs to win the game. One team will be the fielding team and the other the batting team.

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