Work hard

Work hard

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Cricket Cricket is A time consuming game it takes a long time but is also a brilliant game to learn. It is a very interesting game unlike other sports it's different compared to football, Rugby and pretty much every sport you can think of. So in my story I will tell you about cricket how it is played and details about the game. For cricket you will need Some special things like A Ball this is used for the bowler to make a run up to try hit the wickets. You will also need wickets this is used to tell when you get out so basically you stand in front of the wickets with you bat and try to hit the ball so that you can stay in. You will also need two bats for the two people that are are making runs for there team so how this works is the bowler bowls the ball to the batter and the batter hits and then him and his partner make runs until the fielders have got the ball back to the wicket or they have caught the batter out . Also one person in your team will need wicket keeper gloves And there standing behind the batter so that if the batter misses the ball the wicketkeeper can catch it. Here are some main keys you will need to be able to play cricket you are gonna have to be willing to get hurt you're also gonna have to be able to do the simples like catch a ball you can learn how to do this by getting a friend to hit some balls to you and have to try catch them or atleast get your hand to the ball you will also need to know how to hit a ball but when you play cricket you have to play smart it's all about using your brain because when you get a good bowler bowling balls to you your not gonna be able to hit a six so you need to know how to defend against a good ball to do this you could ask someone in your family maybe or a friend who knows how to play cricket and understand how it works. This paragraph I will tell you about how the game works So it's pretty simple how the game works so basically if you're the batting team you have two batters trying to make runs for your team but if you're on the opposite team you're trying to get the team out that's batting you will have A batter trying to bowl the batters out but if they wack it up high you have fielders for back up trying to catch them out but if this doesn't work when they're making runs you could try get the ball back to the wicket as fast as you can to try get them out but if the get back in time them the just keep on going to you get them out and when they get out they hand the bat to the next person in line but in the game there is 50 overs so if the first two batters don't get out for the whole game the other players won't get to bat but the chances for that are very slim. If you enjoyed my writing please make sure that you give clube cricket a go you never know you might love it.

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