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Work hard

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

how to play cricket

Cricket is a sport/game that includes running, throwing, catching, hitting and teeamwork. You will need 11 people in each team. There needs to be a bowler,  batsman and fielders.
Getting organized, first you need the right equipment eg; shoes, bat, wicket and cricket balls (shin pads, helmet and gloves if playing hard ball). You will also need an open space and people to play with.
Some of the rules, If the batsman hits the wicket while they try hit the ball they are out,If the fielding team catches the ball, the batsman is out and If the bowler hits the wicket the batsman is out.
Playing the game,  the bowler will throw the cricket ball at the batsman, the batsman will try to hit the ball away from the fielders, if the batsman does hit the ball they will run around the pitch until they are out.

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