Work hard

Work hard

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Cricket is a very difficult sport but it is also a really time consuming  sport to play you will need to practise a lot and if you want to be able to play the  games you will have to be very patient.
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The equipment you will need to play cricket are cricket balls, wickets, gloves. In the game you will have to set up the wickets on either side of each other and have the 2 people who are batting standing in front and the person who is bowling will stand across from them. The 9 fielders will have to stand around the field in different position they will never stand next to each other unless they know where the person is going to bat.
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In Cricket you have to make sure you are always holding the bat correctly. When you are bowling you have to make sure your arm is in front of you face and then the ball is in your right hand so that you can bowl it past your ear and then it should go straight.  hen you are bowling you also have to make sure that you don’t throw the ball and you have to make sure that when you are bowling you don’t bend your elbow.
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Make sure that you always have your hands right when catching the ball so that the hard cricket ball does not land on your fingers and break them. When the ball has been hit up into the air make sure you are always looking at it so that you can catch it. When playing cricket you have to make sure that you have shoes on so that if you want to stop the ball you can.
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Cricket is very fun game to play and I hope that by reading this story you go and play it now but always remember if you break the rules the game will stop being fun.

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